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Bean to Bar Chocolate

A Little Bit About Us

We are a small batch tree and bean to bar craft chocolate factory located on the picturesque banks of Rio San Juan, Nicaragua in the small town of El Castillo.

"Tángara, las tangaritas, you know, small birds, they fly around the trees."
     Jader Urbina

We have distribution locations in El Castillo and in Humboldt County, California.

The Taste of El Castillo

All our beans are sourced locally. We work with beans from our own small orchard, Talaleguale, where we harvest and ferment the cacao. We also purchase beans from Coodeprosa, El Castillo's award winning cacao cooperative and other local sources. Our chocolate is made in small batches locally in our humble factory here nestled in the lush tropical southern rain forests of Nicaragua. We only use two ingredients: Cacao and a small amount of sugar to allow the palate to enjoy the fruity chocolaty flavor of the cacao.

Our Chocolate Bar

As chocolate bars go we only offer one product. Going along with the idea of the taste of El Castillo we simply want to pay homage to the farmers. We want to showcase the rich flavors of this region's excellent cacao. For this reason we don't offer any bars with flavors or inclusions. We do our best to make one product and make it well. As a small batch chocolate maker and depending on the bean source, time of year and the myriad of unknowns that exist in our world our flavor profile can subtly vary from batch to batch.

Right Next to the dock

While visiting our lovely town of El Castillo come by and say hello. We are conveniently located just next to the municipal dock on the up river side. We offer free tours of the factory and besides our chocolate we offer a wide variety of beverages. Enjoy a cup of coffee while you wait for your boat.

Coffee and More

We roast our coffee here weekly and grind it when you place your order. We are proud to offer:

  1. Pour Over Coffee

  2. Italian Espresso(50ml Mocha Pot)

  3. Hot Drinking Chocolate

  4. A Variety of Teas


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